2" Terra Cotta Cookie Stamps
What is a Cookie Stamp?

What is a Cookie Stamp?

2" Terra Cotta Cookie Stamps

Designed specifically us, Rycraft Cookie Stamps are available in over 70 delightful designs. Made from terra cotta clay with a clear glaze to let the natural red color of the clay show through.
 2" Round Cookie Stamps – $8.50
Includes FREE recipe card with 2 recipes

What is a Cookie Stamp?

Cookie Stamps have become a much-loved tradition in countless kitchens around the world. These adorable clay stamps follow the Scandinavian, German and Pennsylvania Dutch custom of decorating cookies with designs made from hand-carved stamps. 

"Think of cooking as an 
outlet for your ideas,
a release for the artist in you."


A Scandinavian Tradition

The women of Scandinavian countries bake cakes & cookies for special occasions. Traditionally they are decorated with designs made on carved stamps handed down from one generation to the next. These decorated cakes & cookies are offered to friends during the Christmas season, at weddings, christenings, & other festive occasions.

“...cooking is just as
creative and imaginative an
activity as drawing, wood
carving, or music.”

Shortbread Cookies & Matching Wood Plate

Cookie Stamps. . .Not Just for Cookies Anymore!
Create a Wedding Cake, Invitation, Cookies, and Favors
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