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June 2013 - Featured This Month
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June Holidays
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           A June Wedding
Cookies & Cupcakes to Match June Craft Projects
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June Holidays

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JUNE 14 – Flag Day

JUNE 16 – Father's Day

JUNE 21 – First Day of Summer

Craft Projects Featured in June

Click on the links below for FREE instructions you can print and use.

& Teens                                

#220 – Rocking Horse Greeting Card

Rycraft #220 Rocking Horse cookie stamp FREE paper casting project

                       #330 – Gecko Lizard on a Rock

Rycraft #330 Gecko Lizard cookie stamp FREE clay casting project

#282 – Baseball Glove Picture Frame

Rycraft #282 Baseball cookoie stamp FREE clay casting project

#282 – Baseball Glove Magnet

Rycraft stamp #282 Baseball clay magnet FUN project for kids

#325 – Lion King of the Jungle Book Cover

Rycraft Stamp #325 Lion King of the Jungle paper casting project

Greeting Cards             

#326 – Birthday Cake Greeting Card 

Rycraft stamp #326 Birthday Cake FREE paper casting craft project

#315 – Trout Father’s Day Card Rycraft Rainbow Trout cookie stamp #315 for cookies and crafts

 #315 – Trout Greeting Card

Rycraft cookie stamp #315 Rainbor Trout Greeting Card paper casting project

#381 – Wheelbarrow Greeting Card

Rycraft cookie stamps make beautiful greetng cards for Spring

Gifts &
Home Decor                           
#266 – Sunface Candle

Rycraft stamp #266 Sunface FREE craft project FUN for kids

 #366 – Elephant Mug Decorate a coffee mug with Rycraft cookie stamp #366 Elephant

                #373 - Tiger Vase

Rycraft cookie stamp #373 Tiger FREE clay casting project

#371 – Giraffe Candle

Use Rycraft stamp #371 Giraffe to make this delightful candle


Father's  Day            #384 – "DAD" Magnet

Rycraft FREE clay craft project: DAD magnet

#315 - Trout Gift Box Decoration

Rycraft stamp #315 Rainbor Trout Gift Box Decoration

#315 – Trout in a Stream Pen Holder

Rycraft stamp #315 Rainbor Trout FREE clay project for DAD

#315 – Trout Tie Tack

Rycraft stamp #315 Trout Tie Tack FREE clay project for kids

#264 – Dolphin Stenciled Box

Rycraft stamp #264 Dolphin painted box for DAD craft project

June Wedding      #080 – Wedding Bells Picture Frame

Rycraft stamp #080 Wedding Bells FREE paper casting project

#080 –
Wedding Bells
Champagne Glass or Table Decoration

Rycraft stamp #080 Wedding Bells table decorations

#080 – Wedding Bells Magnet

Rycraft stamp #080 Wedding Bells magnet FREE craft project for kids

#080 – Wedding Bells Greeting Card

Rycraft stamp #080 Wedding Bells FREE paper casting craft project

Wedding Cake
Paper Casting & Cake Decorating Project

Rycraft Cookie Stamp FREE Wedding Cake craft project


Ideas for Decorating
& Serving Cookies & Cupcakes
(featured with our JUNE Craft Projects above)

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For instructions on cookie and cupcake decorating,
click here: Decorating Cookies and Cupcakees.

Rycraft stamp #020 Rocking Horse - Beautiful Cookies for a Baby Shower



Kids love to stamp cookies for Dad on Father's Day


Rycraft stamp #201 Lacy Heart chocolate shortbread cookie with white frosting  Rycraft stamp #201 Lacy Heart frosted shortbread cookie

Decorate fondant cupcakes with Rycraftcookie stamps stempels  Rycraft stamp #201 Lacy Heart Fondant Valentine's Cupcake

Rycraft Cookie Stamps - FREE recipes for cookies and cupcakes


Birthday Cake painted frosted stamped cookies by Rycraft     Rycraft stamp Birthday Cake made this delightful painted cookie

Delightbul decorated fondant cupcakes using Rycraft Cookie Stamps

Rycraft cookie stamp #1040 Birthday Cake Fondant Cupcake

Use Rycraft stamp #1040 Birthday Cake to decorate this cookie     Rycraft cookie stamp Birthday Cake painted frosting cookie

Rycraft Cookie Stamp #1006 Sunface shortbread painted cookie

Rycraft Cookie Stamp FREE recipes and craft projects to match

Bake cookies like these with FREE recipes at cookiestamp.com


A fall assortment of Rycraft cookie stamps and shortbread cookies

Rycraft stamp #315 Trout and #089 Seashell - Free recipes and projects at cookiestamp.com

It's FUN to bake cookie stamp cookies with Grandpa Rycraft

 Designs ON SALE for JUNE
from MAY 1 through JUNE 30

From the Import Collection
20% Off

From the Heirloom Collection
50% Off

           #326 – Birthday Cake

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