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MAY 2014 - Featured This Month
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May Holidays
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May Holidays

Click on links below to learn about these holidays, their histories and traditions

MAY 1 – May Day

MAY 1 – National Day of Prayer

MAY 5 – Cinco de Mayo

 MAY 8 – VE Day (Victory in Europe)

 MAY 11 – Mother's Day (2nd Sunday)

 MAY 17 – Armed Forces Day:

              Shown at left from top:  Emblems for the Navy,
                    Army, Air Force, Marines, & Coast Guard

 MAY 26 – Memorial Day (last Monday)

Craft Projects Featured in May
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& Teens                                

#385 – Mr. Stork Greeting Card



                       #201 – Lacy Heart Mother's Day Card

#191 – Teddy Bear Mother's Day Card

Butterfly and Heart
Bracelets or Necklaces. . .



#201 – Lacy Heart-on-Hearts Wreath

Greeting Cards             

   #125 – Rose Greeting Card


 #243 – Iris Greeting Card

Unique Stationery, Note Paper, Cards & Invitations

Gifts &Home Decor                            #125 – Rose Fabric Heart Candy Box



                #211 – Quilted Heart on Tiny Crochet DoilyMagnet or Gift Box Decoration





#422 - Dragonfly Frame