Flower Basket & Love Birds Box
Flower Basket & Love Birds Box
Paper Casting Project

Create a unique and delightful jewelry box for yourself
or as a gift – filled with matching cookies!

Materials Needed:

1 Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp:
#244 – Flower Basket    OR    #1039 – Flower Basket
          #215 – Love Birds
          #211 - Quilted Hearts
          #210 – Heart Pinwheel
#221 – Sweethearts
Cotton linter - (see Rycraft Paper Casting Kit and Refill)
Paper castings* as follows
(see Basic Paper Casting Instructions)
          4 of #244 – Flower Basket   OR    #1039 – Love Birds
          4 of #215 – Love Birds
          2 of #211 – Quilted Hearts
          1 of #210 – Heart Pinwheel
          1 of #221 – Sweethearts
Clear acrylic varnish
1 round 4” diameter craft box
Paint:  we used blue, red, green, and gold
Optional:  Paint or fabric for inside of box

*Note:  Alternately, the casting for this project may be made from clay instead of paper (see Basic Clay Casting Instructions). The choice is yours.

You may substitute #1039 – Flower Basket for #244 shown:

1.  Cut out the flower basket design from each casting #244.
2.  Cut out 8 of the hearts from
castings #211 (there will be 2 left over).
3.  Cut out the tulip-lovebird design from each
casting #215, snipping off the center tulip just above the heart.
4.  Cut out 4 hearts from
casting #210.
5.  Cut out 4 hearts from
casting #221.
6.  Apply a coat of varnish to all sides and edges of the cut-outs and let dry.
7.  Glue the cut-outs to the box as pictured
, making sure the spacing is even around the sides of the box
(4 baskets, 4 large hearts, 4 small hearts on lid;  4 large hearts, 4 medium hearts, 4 lovebirds on sides of box).
8.  Spray paint the box and let dry.
9.  Paint the cut-outs with pink, gold, green and blue paints as pictured or choose your own colors and be creative.
10.  Varnish each of the cut-outs again and let dry thoroughly.
11.  Optional:  Paint inside of box or line with fabric for a more elegant look.

This paper casting project is featured along with dozens of others
in our book The Art of Paper Casting, which includes basic paper casting
instructions, techniques for special effects, and a glossary of terms.
Project above designed and created by Sue Moore. Photograph  by Paperworks, Corvallis, OR.