Maggie's Craft Projects - Clay Casting

Maggie's Clay Casting Projects
Our daughter-in-law, Maggie Montgomery, put her heart and soul into creating all the gorgeous craft projects which appeared in our 2005 catalog. If you have that catalog or the 2008 catalog, then you already have the photos our son, David Montgomery, took of her wonderful work. We will feature all of Maggie's projects throughout the year as they are appropriate to the season, so you'll be able to get instructions for them all.
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I've divided Maggie's projects between paper casting and clay casting in order to organize them here on the website.
If you'd like to see which of Maggie's projects are being featured this month,
          go to the Site Map,
          click on the + next to Craft Projects
          then click on the + next to Maggie's Projects PC
                                        or next to Maggie's Projects CC
to see her available projects with instructions listed there as links.

Just click on a link to visit that page and ENJOY!

PC means paper casting
CC means clay castin

From The Rycraft Story

David & Maggie: 2004 to Present

In 2004 David and Maggie Montgomery joined Rycraft, Inc. as our graphic arts/photography team. Our 2005 catalog was their magnificent creation, with Maggie making every single craft project and decorated cookie pictured, choosing all the props, and designing the layouts for the photo shoot, while David got the lighting just right and took all of the photos. In addition David did the pre-press graphics and photo editing to produce the catalog.

David and Maggie also happen to be our "kids" (Dave is Carol's son), so it was great to have them with us while they were in our neck of the woods for a year or so.
We are very proud of the work they did for us (we've done a lot of bragging).

They now reside in Boynton Beach, Florida where Maggie manages the home front, cares for our grandson, Gavin, and runs a home-based business, while David works as the senior producer of on-air promotions at News Channel WPTV in West Palm Beach, where he 
 scripts, directs, photographs, edits and produces the news promotional spots.

Dave and Maggie also work together as a team doing freelance photography with truly state-of-the-art digital and video equipment.
If you're interested in a photo shoot for your business, you can email David at: Also, if you're into babies like Maggie is these days, then click here to see the darling onsies and other hand-decorated baby clothes she has created by visiting her online Etsy store at



August 2002: Robin, Maggie, Makenzie, David, and Carol.

Our 2005 catalog

  Gavin modeling a onsie, later
sleeping in his sister's arms.