Swan Christmas Card
Christmas Swan Greeting Card
Clay Casting Project

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Materials Needed:

1 Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp
#1028 – Christmas Swan     
Clay - we recommend Creative Paperclay® which is non-toxic and air dries to a paintable pure white
1 clay casting* - #1028 – Christmas Swan (see Basic Clay Casting Instructions)
Crimper cookie cutter
Sandpaper or emery board
Acrylic paint: dark brown
Rub ‘n Buff ®, foam brush or SpouncerTM by PLAID ®, soft cloth
Paper Edgers ® scissors  (Victorian and Scallop)
Blank card
Metallic origami paper: blue, green
White glue or tacky glue
Tiny gold cord 6” long
Hot glue

*Note:  Alternately, the casting for this project may be made from paper instead of clay (see Basic Paper Casting Instructions). The choice is yours.


1.  While clay is wet, cut out casting with crimper cookie cutter, and add hole for gold cord as follows: While the clay is still moist, use a toothpick, paint brush handle, or other object to create a hole in the clay for a hanger. When the tool comes out of the clay, turn the casting over, and enlarge the hole from the other side. This creates an even hole. If the clay is completely dry, use the tip of your knife or X-acto® blade to “drill” a hole – simply twirl it back and forth between your fingers. Again, drill from both sides of the casting. Let casting dry. Then sand any rough edges smooth.
2.  Apply 2 coats of dark brown paint. Let dry after each coat.
3.  With a foam brush, apply Rub ‘n Buff® to the design, edges, and sides. Buff with a soft cloth.
4.  Cut a square out of the blue paper using the Scallop Paper Edgers® and a smaller square out of the green paper using the Victorian Paper Edgers®.
5.  Glue squares to card with white glue.
6.  Bring ends of gold cord together, insert looped end into casting hole, and pull ends through the loop. Then tie a bow with the two strands.
7.  Use a small amount of hot glue to affix the casting to card – the recipient can remove it and use it as
an ornament.

This clay casting project is featured along with dozens of others
in our book The Art of Clay Casting, which includes basic paper casting
instructions, techniques for special effects, and a glossary of terms.

Project designed and created by Sue Moore. Photography by Paperworks, Corvallis, OR